Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 17 in Romania: sightseeing in Bucharest

Day 16 in Romania

I went to the contemporary Art Museum in the People's House / Parliment Palace. For a palace, it's pretty run down. The parking lots is all decayed and there are weeds all over the place. Of course, no signs telling you where to go in. Anyways, I got in free thanks to my ISIC card. Though I've worked it out, I've saved just as much as the card cost, so I'm not sure I've really saved anything then.

The art museum is at entrance 4 if you ever want to go. You'll have to put your bags and such through a metal detector, probably because it's the palace, though there were probably about a dozen people, if that many, that I saw in the whole museum. They also have free cubby holes you can lock stuff up in.

There are 5 floors total, again, no signs telling you how to get to the next floor. You have to walk back towards the entrance to get to the elevator. The museum was nice, but I think I'm all museum-ed out. The good news is that they had info in Romanian and English. The first floor had black and white photos from the 1910s-1980s. The second had works by one woman, not a Romanian. Some of her videos were more than odd. In one of her videos she put paint all over her hands, face, and neck. Modern Art, I don't get some of it. The third floor had work by a Romanian artist. I liked it. It was very colourful. most of the paintings had one part that was right-side up and one part that was upside-down. The paintings were very recent, from the last 10 years. The fourth floor had videos and the fifth floor had Romanian comics and a cafe. The first museum cafe! The view was strange, because you can see the whole city, but you can also see how badly the palace needs to be repaired. I had hot choco with whipped cream and a salad. I think it was the highlight of my day.

Be sure to read about what has happened so far. You can find everything in the quick summary of dates.


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