Friday, 5 August 2011

Day 10 in Romania: visiting the Village Museum in Bucharest

Day 9 in Romania

My train leaves at night to go to Timisoara so I had the whole day to kill in Bucharest. After more than a week here, I'd had basically seen everything I wanted to see and stuff I didn't want to see just to kill time. Lots of museums and churches are undergoing renovation, so there's some things that I couldn't see even if I wanted to.

I decided to go to the Village Museum and it was by far the best museum I had been to. They had toilets, with hot water, soap, and toilet paper. I couldn't believe it. Anyways, besides that, it was a neat outdoor museum. They had taken typical houses from all over Romania and stuck them in one place. Most of the houses were taken around 1936. All of them were very folksy and some of them were only one room, but they use the space very well. I really liked the museum. They had a decent sized gift shop as well as people selling typical treats and sweets that weren't that expensive. Another thing that was neat was there were lots of school kids there doing crafts and such. They also had artisians selling what they had made. And a small place to eat. I highly recommend this museum to anyone going to Bucharest.

After wandering around for a couple hours, I decided to go to Herastru Park. It was large and safe; they had police on horses. It started to rain a bit, but the trees kept out most of it. They had a Japanese Garden, which was a bit sad. Most of the pond had evaporated, there were no fish or really anything to make it look Japanese.

I had to eat dinner and though I'm against eating at chain stores, it couldn't be helped. I had only seen cafes and the one restuarant I had eaten at before was so smokey I couldn't breath. So I broke down and went to Pizza Hut. I still don't understand how places like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut are considered nice places to eat and are somewhat of a status symbol, but that's the way it is, whether you're in Asia or Europe. In fact, at Piati Romana McDonald's Burger King, and KFC are all right next door to eat other.

I had lasagna and it was very nice, though smokey. I was outside and smoking is allowed just about everywhere. It wouldn't surprise me if it was allowed at hospitals. The person at the table behind me decided to smoke, but at least it was only one person.

I took the cable car to the train station a bit early since I wanted to arrive there before dark. Luckily it gets dark around 9pm. They had a waiting area with a security guard outside. Inside about half the lights were out and the AC didn't really work. Chairs were broken as well. Though I have a ticket on a sleeper, in first class, so it should be nice. There's going to be one more person in the car. I hope it's a woman.

Be sure to read about what has happened so far. You can find everything in the quick summary of dates.


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