Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 14 in Romania: visiting Brasov

Day 13 in Romania

Brasov was very nice. They have one of the narrowest streets in Europe. Though I hardly think it can be called a street. It's more like an alley or a passageway. It's like that one street in the UK where people in opposite houses can stick their arms out the window and grasp hands. I couldn't even stretch my arms out completely. It was about as wide as my elbow to my other hand. It's called Str. Sforii, the rope street. Nearby was the Synogogue that was supposed to be opened, but wasn't as well as Schei Gate.

I went to the Black Church, which wasn't as ornate as all the other ones I had been too, though I suppose that was good since it meant they used money for other things, like helping poor people. At least I hope they did. The Black Church got its name from a fire. You weren't allowed to take photos and it was very large. It's famous for all its Turkish carpets which are on the walls and pews. It's also got a wooden floor, which probably wasn't helpful during the fire.

On one of the hills around Brasov is a "Brasov" sign similar to the Hollywood sign in California and the Chorrillos sign in Lima. I took a picture of it.

I also climbed to the top of the Black Tower. It wasn't that bad of a climb, maybe 5 minutes. It was great because you had a view of the whole city. I had some French students take my photo. There was also a White Tower, but I couldn't find it. The Black Tower was reached by going along a small road close to a canal, it was nice because there was a cool breeze. It was almost like being in AC, but outside.

Brasov also had free bikes, but they were locked and the shop that gave them out was closed. Yet another ironic thing about Romania.

I ate at a nice restuarant and had pasta. I'm still amazed that being visibly pregnant people ask if I want smoking or non and if I want to have a drink. Though the non smoking sections are few and far between. They had one at Pizza Hut, but other than that, it seems like you can smoke wherever you want.

Be sure to read about what has happened so far. You can find everything in the quick summary of dates.


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