Friday, 24 December 2004

Name Change

I had called the consulate general of Chicago and was told all my mom needed to do was get a passport and then I was automatically a citizen. They said that all my mom needed was a birth cert, marriage cert, and US ID. Well, of course, things didn't go as planned.

When my mom was naturalised, she changed her name from Mihaela to Michele. And never registered the change with Romania, So she needs to do that, That'll take at least three months and 90USD. At birth her name was A B C D when she was naturalised, she changed the order to A C B D, then later on in life, just went by C B D. She never dropped it legally, so on her marriage cert, driver's license, social security, everything is only C B D, so I'm sure that that'll cause problems later on.

She also needs to register her marriage after she registers her name change, which'll take at least three more months and 80USD. THEN she can apply for a passport, which takes three months and 80USD. AND THEN I can start applying. First I need to register my birht with Romania, which is three months and 90USD. Then I can get a passport. Three months and 80USD. So with any luck, I should get the passport within a year and a half. And it should cost around 500 USD.

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