Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 1: First impressions of Romania

Going to Romania tomorrow

The flight was really long and felt longer because I'm pregnant. I took the airport bus to the hostel and then had to walk about 20 minutes. The hotel is ok, but pretty basic and loud. I can't find any tourist info anywhere. People told me that used phone shops are easy to find, but I haven't found anything. In fact, lots of shops are closed and have graffiti and posters on the wall. My small 35 litre backpack weighed 8.5 kilos. I have no idea what's in it that weighs so much. I don't even have a guide book. I have some gifts and brought old clothes, so I'm hoping to go back home with less.

Be sure to read about what has happened so far. You can find everything in the quick summary of dates.


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