Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 5 in Romania: Botanical Gardens in Bucharest

Day 4 in Romania

I went to the Botanical Gardens and got lost on the bus. I then arrived at the correct bus stop and didn't see any sign of the gardens or any signs pointing to them. So I asked two policemen and they had no idea where it was. Not very helpful. I finally asked a flower vendor and she pointed me in the right direction.

The gardens were nice, but not what I expected them to be, which is what seems to be the norm here in Romania. There were also no toilets. Actually, I take that back. There were toilets, but they were locked.

The greenhouses were pretty nice though. There were lots of kids and old people at the garden. They also had a nice rose garden.

I went back to the hostel and then met my mom's aunt and her husband and they showed me where my mom used to live. It was a duplex in a nice, old part of town. Lots of the houses were built to house the factory workers. There also was some type of parachute jump tower. It had a hoop on it. They couldn't really explain what it was for other than practicing parachuting.

I asked where we were exactly and they said that park's name had changed so many times and now it was called September 23rd, but I checked a map and couldn't find it. It's near an old stadium and new church and is an old part of Bucharest, but other than that, I don't really know much about it.

Be sure to read about what has happened so far. You can find everything in the quick summary of dates.


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