Saturday, 30 July 2011

Day 4 in Romania: Peles Castle in Sinaia

Day 3 in Romania

I decided to get out of Bucharest today and went to Sinaia to see Peles Castle, which is supposed to be better than Bram's Castle, which is good, since I have no intention of going to the latter. The train ride there was nice, but the one on the way back wasn't. I don't like sitting on a bench facing someone else. I know that some people like it since they can have a conversation, but I'd rather all the seats faced the same way like an airplane.

At Bucharest station I had a hot chocolate which wasn't very nice, but the waiter was. He told me I should visit Sighisoara. I'd like to, but my lawyer told me to spend most of my time in Bucharest to take care of paperwork. Plus, the trains are so slow.

There were no signs saying how to get to the castle. There was a monastery on the way, so I went there too.

Peles Castle was great, again my ISIC card saved me a lot of money. There were tours in Spanish, Italian, French, and English. But when people asked about the, they were told that only English was available. Very typical of Romania. They offer lots of options, but don't have them. It's high season, you'd think they'd offer more. The person at the door kept saying 10 minutes, but we had to wait about 30 to go in.

The castle is fantastic and despite only taking 40 years to build is very ornate and intricate. After the tour I still had a couple hours, so I walked around the touristy area, which is a street and sat in the park, where they had cars for little kids to ride.

Be sure to read about what has happened so far. You can find everything in the quick summary of dates.


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