Saturday, 28 July 2012

Power of attorneys are no longer valid in Romania

My lawyer has been extremely helpful over the years and if it not for him and his wife I would have given up long ago. This spring the Romanian government, made it virtually impossible for people to get anything done using a POA (Power of Attorney). This means that you need to deal with the nearest Romanian embassy or consulate or go to Romania and deal with the authorities in person. Due to this my lawyer will not be accepting any new citizenship cases. In addition, it means that he will be sending me all my documents, which are in a folder about 3 inches thick, for me to apply for my CNP, Passport, and ID card here in Korea.

I called the embassy and there's a catch 22 with all the documents. Nonetheless I'm going to try. According to my lawyer, I'll need to get my marriage cert and possibly my mom's marriage cert from the embassy. I'm hoping that I won't need my parents'. I didn't when I got my birth cert. For some reason I also have to get permission from my mom to apply to become Romanian. Why, I don't know. I'm not underage. With those docs, along with proof that my mom's a citizen and my birth cert I should be able to get the CNP. If I can, then everything else should fall into place. It sounds nice and easy, but it rarely is. I'm always missing one or two docs that are impossible to get.

Although the embassy was very nice, it says I need a lot of other things online, but that seems to be very different from my case. Rather it's more for Romanians who for some reason have let their Romanian passports expire while abroad and are unable to renew them there and therefore cannot leave the country to go to Romania in order to renew them. Or children of Romanian couples who came to live abroad and never registered their children as Romanians. The couples would have had an address in Romania, whereas I don't. It's all very confusing. My case is very different:
  • I don't have immediate family in Romania.
  • I was never a Romanian resident.
  • I've never had a Romanian passport.
  • I have to get a CNP before I can get a passport.
  • I can't get a passport without a CNP.
There doesn't seem to be anything on the MAE for my case.

If push comes to shove and it doesn't work, I'm entertaining the idea of moving to Romania for a year or so in order to get everything done. I won't save as much as Korea, but I can already read and it shouldn't take too long to learn how to speak Romanian. Plus, I have a list of schools and TEFL institutes that I could work at. Though I'm risking moving to Romania and being told that I can't get the documents in Romania and that I have to go to the US, Korea, Peru, etc in order to get them. It's so much easier to fob people off than to actually help them.

Be sure to read about what has happened so far. You can find everything in the quick summary of dates.


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