Monday, 15 November 2010

Visit to the Seoul embassy

Still waiting to hear if my grandmother, grandfather, or mother are registered in Romania.

I went to the embassy here in Seoul, Korea. Good news is that I could understand most of what they said. Bad news is, I presented all my docs and basically they said that there was a problem with my birth cert. When I got it, I noticed that the ID number was left off. I asked and said it wasn't necessary. However, it IS necessary since without that, I'm not registered as a Romanian.

So they said that I have to get my parents' licenses and their birth certs and present those. My father has refused to give me his, saying that people will steal his identity and my mother's name on her US driver's license doesn't match her birth name, so we'd be back where we started.

My lawyer is also working on stuff over there, but honestly I'm ready to give up. I finally got a birth cert and it's basically null and void.

Be sure to read about what has happened so far. You can find everything in the quick summary of dates.


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